Garden+Arts Festival

Calling all gardeners.

The hunt is on for gardens to include in next year’sBAy of Plenty Garden and Art Festival.

Interested in the possibility of your garden featuring in the November 2018 event? Know someone who’s done an excellent job flexing their green fingers and should be sharing the joy of their labours? The Bay of Plenty  Garden and Art Festival team is keen to hear.

Members of the festival team have been out visiting gardens already – some are festivals favourites, others are returning after a break, and there are exciting newcomers too. But, they are keen to see more, as the plan is to feature 60 gardens from throughout the Western Bay of Plenty in 2018. Gardeners who are interested, but unsure whether their gardens will make the cut, are encouraged to make contact.

Lara Bui, whose garden featured for the first-time last festival is full of positive feedback for those considering submitting their gardens.

“We encourage anyone thinking about being part of the festival to put their garden forward. We found it to be a really rewarding experience sharing our garden with our local and wider community”.

The 2018 festival will be held over four days with all gardens open for the duration. It will be held from Thursday November 15 to Sunday November 18.

Anyone interested in submitting their garden in the festival should contact Marc on 5702525 or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We look forward to the next Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival scheduled for November 2018

While the 2016 festival may be all wrapped up, we are working away in the Bay of Plenty Garden and Art Festival office to make sure this fantastic festival offers even more in 2018. We have some great additions to enhance this amazing festival and really can not wait to tell you all about our plans.  Visit this web site regulalry to keep in touch and we will be in touch soon.

The 10th biennial Bay of Plenty Garden & Art Festival 2016 has now come to a close

We credit the success of this flagship event to the combined energy of the festival team, gardeners and artists, volunteers and supporters who participated, and to the generosity of our funders and sponsors. Your support of the festival was greatly appreciated. It is the committed involvement of so many people in our community that continue to make the festival a success by embracing all it had to offer.

The Lakes Hub again proved the value of creating a central place for the festival. The concentration of a myriad of attractions, events and exhibitions in one location was a huge draw card. The Garden Trail remains the star of the festival and we appreciate that without contributors willing to share their private gardens and making the huge effort to showcase these to the public, there simply would be no festival.

We sincerely thank you for your contribution to our tenth biennial festival and look forward to you joining us again for future Garden and Art Festival events.

Best wishes for a happy festive season.

We value your input to help us make improvements to the festival for future events and would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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